WASDALE - the worlds hardest traditional half iron distance triathlon, set in the English Lake District valley of Wasdale.


Race description


Swim - 1.2 miles – 1.9km across Wastwater


Transition to bike – 400 m run from lake to T1 located adjacent to Bracken close bridge at the head of Wastwater


Bike – 56 miles 90km from T1 out to SkelwithBridge via SantonBridge, Eskdale, Hardknott pass, Wrynose pass and Little Langdale. Return to Wasdale Head Inn via Great Langdale, Wrynose pass, Hardknott, Eskdale, SantonBridge, Gosforth and Nether Wasdale. Total ascent 7,217 ft


Transition to Run – Wasdale Head Inn. Bike - Run out



Run – 13.5 miles 21.3km  Follow footpath to Styhead Tarn, continue via the Corridor Route and LingmellCol to Scafell Pike Summit. Ascend via Foxes Tarn to Scafell Summit after dropping into Mickledoor. Descend to Finish at Wasdale Head Inn via Slightside, Eel Tarn and Burnmoor Tarn.