Doug Roberts

Ever since I found out about this event I have wanted to do it. I registered for it in May last year, and it was probably the best incentive that I have ever given to myself. It actually got me interested in triathlon again and gave me a goal to focus on last summer. For it then to be cancelled due to bad weather came as a real shock and I almost felt like I had wasted my summer training for an event that didn’t take place. Honestly though once I sat down and thought through what it has helped me achieve in the past 16 months I’m glad it was cancelled last year! 

So I decided I wanted to do this all the time, and compete at a high level once more. So i committed myself to train consistently over the winter and race at an elite level once again whilst still having the Wasdale half ironman as a focus towards the end of the season. The race itself was pretty much an unknown to me,